Family Day 2018

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It always surprises us just how quickly December rolls around! For yet another year JTA had the joy of participating in Family Day, a spectacular community event, ran by Blackheath Halls.

As part of the festivities of the day, all held at the newly refurbished Blackheath Halls, JTA led the Blackheath Buccaneer’s Treasure Hunt. The aim of the game being to discover the previously undiscovered about Blackheath Village, getting to know our local area and open our eyes to the wider environment surrounding us. Participants of all ages were provided a booklet that led them around the village, answering questions as they walked and discovering plenty of treasures along the way.

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Events like Blackheath Village Day bring people together to celebrate all of this and allow us the privilege to have an opportunity to work with talented artists, musicians, chefs, operations and marketing managers from The Blackheath Halls.  Working outside of our usual bubble of the construction industry in this way keeps us creative, light-footed and flexible, open to new ideas and ways of thinking and operating.   It gives us an opportunity to reflect upon our own sector and practice.

It is always a pleasure to take part in events in our local community, and this year was no exception!