The Principles of Thermal Bridging

Added on by Jo Townshend.

In May JTA attended a Green Register CPD hosted by Pollard Thomas Edwards which looked to explore the principles of thermal bridging and help designers understand the best way to detail the building materials they specify.

Matthew Brooke-Peat, Course Director for Architectural Technology at Leeds University, kicked off the afternoon session by introducing the group to thermal modeling techniques of bespoke construction details.

After Matthew had run through the issues that can arise from poor detailing, Pollard Thomas Edwards’ Head of Sustainable Design, Tom Dollard, held a detail revision workshop where each delegate was given the opportunity to trace over some standard window, roof and floor details and, using the information we had picked up earlier, try to reduce the risk of thermal bridging in each detail.

With the revised details pinned up on the wall of the conference room the group was whisked back in time to the days of architecture school by carrying out an informal crit of each other’s ideas and discussing the decisions behind the amended drawings.

Tom was able to advise how best to improve the buildability of each detail by considering the constraints experienced by builders on site and the limitations of the products available on the market today.

This interactive CPD was a refreshing alternative to simply reading slides from a projector as it allowed us to practically apply the information we had been taught and reflect on the relationship between marks we make on a drawing and the performance of the final built fabric.

Many thanks to Matthew and Tom for sharing their expert knowledge.