My Work Experience - Wiktoria Kaminska

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Throughout the whole week of my work experience I gained more knowledge on the basics of architecture and thus acquired a few new skills to do with the general design of buildings.

One of the first things I did which was unfamiliar to me was surveying. I learnt that it intially consisted of visually gathering information from a particular site and recording the drawing in a technical manner. This then lead to the further development of my understanding of how to accurately record the information and also, importantly, how to work my way to getting the right measurements of various aspects of the drawing I was producing. It did take me a while to sketch more technically rather than express and emphasise that I was drawing freely but in the end when I improved bit by bit I was okay with what I did.  Once that was completed I was faced with the task of using a new software to digitise the information using Computer Aided Design. It was very challenging for me since I never really have formed or even thought of presenting projects through the use of technology. Consequently though, I did successfully design an elevation and confidently manage to create a drawing.

Not only that, I had the pleasure of actually visiting a building site. I saw demolition work and observed the way the building was stripped back to its structure. Overall I greatly enjoyed my time and I am thankful for the opportunity I had.