Retrofitting Traditional Buildings Principals & Practice CPD

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A day long CPD from the Green Register covering the issues around upgrading the energy efficiency of existing buildings. Nick Heath of NDM Heath Ltd talked insightfully through a broad range of issues beginning with the large amount of wiggle room in the legislation and guidance documents to the unintended consequences of putting advice into practice.

Along the way revelations such as how inaccurately we calculate insulate values for our various build ups and the ills of "moisture closed" insulations when used improperly. The talk drew on a large  research base from institutions such as UCL and Historic Scotland as well as practices such as Prewett Bizley's research into their built projects, monitored post occupancy to assess energy levels. Projects such as the 80% house in Hackney using a range of insulations and technologies to ensure that the goal of 80% energy reductions could be realised. 

The risks around moisture build up from poorly insulated designs and lack of ventilation to carry away this build up were highlighted with in some cases structural timbers being allowed to rot away in walls unchecked.

In summary the advice was around insulation was to do a little right rather than a lot in patches and the big difference even small details like insulating window reveals would make to the longevity of a design.