Super Fast Construction Technique - Easter site visit

Added on by Jo Townshend.

Here are some snaps of a building which is proposed to be a super efficient Passivhaus which will perform over and above requirements set out in Part L of the current Building Regulations. 

Frazer, a Director from Econektshowed me round a site in Hampshire over the weekend where they employ a new building method that allows for speedy construction with minimal on site labour. There was a break in construction between the groundworks and construction to roof level but the construction from DPC to roof level took a labourer and joiner only 17 days!

The construction method is very simple and requires basic skills and tools. Other benefits of this construction would be its' simple design tolerances; 250mm horizontally and 50mm vertically and its' ability to avoid cold bridging by wrapping the insulation around the entire structure.

I saw a couple of potential drawbacks including the materials' relatively high amount of embodied energy and the systems' apparent lack of adaptability over the buildings life cycle. For new basements and basement extensions it would seem a good system to consider.