▸ JTA awarded Planning Permission for extension to locally listed building

Added on by Jo Townshend.
Planning Approval Vanbrugh Park Basement Dig Out Section.jpg

Jo Townshend Architect was appointed to submit a planning application for a proposed conservatory, single storey side lean-to and basement extension.

Currently, the front ground floor living room has a pair of double doors that open on to a glazed verandah. There are issues regarding water ingress and structural stability of the verandah, as the side panel has been blown down by recent high winds.

To address these issues, JTA is proposing to build a thermally efficient conservatory, accessed via the living room and creating a separate room suitable for use all year round.

To the front part of the side access path, there is a shed and brick planter used to store garden equipment. Against the main elevation of the house, there is a small lean-to roof over an existing set of stairs, which lead to the basement. Adjacent to the basement stairs is a separate set of steps, which lead to the ground floor. The arrangement is physically and visually unappealing and there is a lack of cohesion between the basement and ground floor.

The proposed side lean-to extension will provide internal access from the ground floor to the basement, create a side external access and provide visual continuity with the front conservatory. The basement extension will create a habitable room with generous day lighting, improving upon the existing redundant space currently used for storage and is accessed via a ladder.