▸ Barbarians Bar Gets Planning

Added on by Jo Townshend.
Barbarians Bar Planning Sketchup

We found out today that JTA's efforts to gain a permanent planning permission for the bar and physio room at Blackheath Rugby Club have been successful. The following is an excerpt from the Design and Access statement describing the design.

In order to improve the appearance of the building we aim to reduce the ‘temporary’ quality of the existing building and give the building more site specificity by differentiating the elevations.  The proposals include:

• Overcladding the existing building with a white painted horizontal timber effect cladding on the north, east and south elevations to match the other adjacent buildings on the site.

• Overcladding the west elevation with a contrasting vertical cladding, this will help the building to feel less ‘modular’ and ‘temporary’ by giving the elevations some site specificity, the warm, brown grey of the cedar timbers reflecting the yellow stock brickwork of the houses in Lizban St and Lyveden Road.

• Emphasise the extra thickness to the wall provided by the over cladding, by framing out the windows which will also improve the ‘graphic’ of the building provided by the new pattern and rhythm created by the windows.

• Build a solid base to the building in dark brickwork forming a step, a bench and a planter on different elevations.  This will smarten up the overall appearance, differentiate the elevations and reduce the temporary feel of the building.